Our Services

Architectural and construction services

The Foundation provides complete and comprehensive structural engineering services, where we implement designs for new projects, as well as designs for the rehabilitation of old buildings. We have good experience in most modern building materials, whether concrete or steel structures.
• Steel structures and reinforced concrete
• Commercial buildings
• Residential buildings
• health buildings
• educational buildings

Electrical services

We have high experience in the field of electrical engineering designs in all residential and commercial sectors:
• Network systems and monitoring devices
– Installation of the internal network
– Installing surveillance cameras
– Installation of display screens (LED – Videowall)
• Indoor and outdoor lighting systems
• Electrical power distribution systems
• Switchgear, control centers

Design , interior decoration & furnishing

We have high experience in interior design and decoration for all residential and commercial entities, so that we conduct an internal study of the site and offer the best innovative and distinguished ideas in interior design and decoration through the following services:
• Finishing and interior decoration works
– Gypsum, dyeing and wallpaper selection
– Wooden decorations and interior doors
– Iron decorations and external doors
• Home and office furniture and curtains
Furniture distribution scheme and model selection
– Choosing the fabrics and distributing them to the models
Choosing the right curtains and fabrics models
• Implementation of all decoration works with professionalism, distinction and mastery

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