The Three Buildings Contracting Corporation is a leading institution in the field of contracting, interior finishes, decoration and furnishing works in the Kingdom.
The institution was established in 2016 and has a group of engineers in many fields, including the architectural, construction and decoration fields, as well as network and information security engineers.

The Foundation has built itself the responsibility of serving the client with dedication and quality of work through its technical, engineering and technical staff by providing a range of architectural, technical and technical solutions and services that help the client to access comprehensive services with high quality and great flexibility, which are in line with the Kingdom’s vision 2030.

Our Vision

The vision that the Three Buildings Corporation aspires to is for the Corporation to become the first choice in projects that require expertise and professionalism at work. As the institution’s policy and services provide the client with all his needs in one destination. We work on customer satisfaction through quality service, speedy response to needs, and quality performance.

Our Vision = Our Past + Our Present

We are aware of the difficulties and hardships that our vision may bring, but our love for what we do every day will make our path to this vision enjoyable, especially when we hear our customers’ feedback, satisfaction, and gratitude


Our Strategy

Our strategy of the three buildings is to provide high-quality and safe services to all its customers at a high level, implement projects and deliver them within the specified time frame, and commit to continuous improvement of our services at competitive prices. The organization’s culture is based on best results-oriented best practices and techniques.